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I've got some questions 'bout Tour De Nerdfighting for you since you went to NYC stop (I'm going to see them on the 21st, so I want to be prepared) 1) Did the 3 item signing limit include TFiOS? 2) How much was the merch? 3) Did you actually get to TALK to Hank & John? ~Thanks so much!!!~

Hi!  To answer your questions:

1) Yes, the limit included TFiOS.  Even though they were already signed, getting them personalized counted against the limit.

2) T-shirts were $20 each, posters were $10, Ellen Hardcastle was $15, This Machine Pwns N00bs was $15, So Jokes was $8, and Hank’s Special Tour EP was $8.

3) Yes!  It’s very quick, but you can talk to them while they sign your stuff and it is awesome.  Obviously there are too many people for a full-on conversation, but you get a few moments with them and they are wonderfully nice and fully understanding of awkwardness.

Have a great time on the 21st!  DFTBA!


Some highlights from Tour de Nerdfighting 2012 in NYC, January 11, 2012.

For more, visit my flickr album [x] this includes my friends, so beware :)

I’m sorry I’m flooding your dash with TdN stuff.  But the excitement hasn’t worn off yet!

Advice for Tour de Nerdfighting Attendees

I doubt many Nerdfighters will see this, but I figured I’d share what I learned from my experience at the NYC stop of the Tour de Nerdfighting, in case it can help any of my fellow nerdfighters prepare themselves for future tour stops.

  • Be prepared to wait.  I didn’t meet John and Hank and get my stuff signed until around eleven PM, if I remember correctly, and I was far from the last person in line.  If you can’t stay late, try to befriend other nerdfighters and see if they’ll get your stuff signed for you.
  • Watch where you hold your camera during the show. Pretty much everyone there is a nerdfighter, and it’s par for the course that the audience will be a sea of camera lights.  Just make sure you pay attention to where you’re holding your camera.  It’s natural to want a clear shot, but the person sitting behind you will not appreciate it if your camera is directly between them and John or Hank.  Keep in mind others’ line of vision and you should be fine.
  • If you want merch, get it early. NYC was only the second stop, and they were already sold out of two of the three kinds of T-shirts they were selling.  Long before the night ended they were out of the third, plus several other things.  Buy before the show if at all possible, or during it if you’re willing to leave your seat for a few seconds.
  • Don’t heckle John when he’s onstage.  John explicitly said during the show that Hank doesn’t mind it, but John does.
  • Pay attention to anything the venue says about signing. The guidelines in the program may be wrong, and it may vary from venue to venue.  At the NYC stop, John and Hank were only signing three things each, and would only sign the following: John’s books, Hank’s CDs, tour posters from the merch table, and DFTBA records items such as posters.  They were not signing clothing or other writers’ books.  I think it’s likely that those rules will stick for other stops too, because the line wait was extremely long, even with those limits.
  • There is a free tour poster. At the NYC stop, they only gave you the free poster after the signing line, so you couldn’t get it signed.  But if you’re tight on cash and considering buying a poster from the merch table, remember that you’re going to get a free one (though it is different from the merch table one).
  • Relax. Probably most of you don’t need the reminder, but I personally got extremely nervous, so I figured I’d mention it.  Do your best not to get anxious and have a great time!  Good ways to distract yourself from nervousness, if necessary, include doing the crossword puzzle included in the program and randomly introducing yourself to other nerdfighters (in general, they’re really friendly and won’t mind!).

So hopefully some of that’s helpful.  DFTBA!

Tour de Nerdfighting

My internet absence for the past couple of days was due to the fact that I was staying in NYC so that I could see Hank and John Green do awesome things.

The trip was a total success.  I saw awesome friends and family, went to a nerdfighter gathering, saw Tour de Nerdfighting, which I will obviously discuss in more detail, and then finally got to read TFiOS on the bus ride home.  It made me cry in the proper tears-streaming-down-my-face sort of way, but I don’t think any of the other passengers noticed (thank goodness nobody was sitting next to me).

Anyway, TdN was amazing.  The overall experience was indescribable, just talking to random nerdfighters and making new friends, even if only for the length of time we were standing in line.


  • Maureen Johnson!  She was there, and she signed stuff for me, and she is exactly as you’d expect her to be from Twitter (super nice and rather zany).
  • John and Hank’s Q&As.  I really think they’re at their best when they’re just talking about things.
  • Other nerdfighters who never FTBA.  I know I mentioned that already, but it was great.  Pretty much everybody was amazing!
  • I forgot my poster at the signing table, and Hank called me back by name, so I had to run back.  At the time I was mortified, but in retrospect I’m glad… especially because otherwise I probably wouldn’t remember any of my interaction with him at all.
  • They let me have the merch table signs.  The signs were pretty cool, and one of the things they list as being sold is “Probably a New Thing if Hank Finishes It,” which I find funny.  Anyway, it just feels cool to have something unique, even if it’s just the price listings for the merchandise.
  • Waiting three hours to get my stuff signed.  I know this should probably be a low point- it has been at other signings- but everyone was being so awesome that it was actually really enjoyable.

Low points:

  • Hank’s songs.  I love Hank, but his music isn’t my favorite and the live setting didn’t do his songs any favors (unlike with Team Starkid, who were much better live than recorded).  It just felt like they took up too much time, although it was nice to see all of the nerdfighters stand up and dance.  Exception: The anglerfish song was great and a good way to end the show.
  • There were a couple of nerdfighters who made me feel awkward.  They were only three in a sea of hundreds, and it was probably me feeling more awkward than necessary more than it was them doing anything awkward-making.  Still, it was unpleasant.
  • I don’t remember what happened when I got my stuff signed.  I was just so nervous!  I remember going up to John, and he said, “Hi, how are you?” and I automatically responded, “Good, how are you?” and then mentally berated myself for wasting my time with John and then we said more stuff that probably included me at my most awkward but I don’t remember and then Hank signed my stuff (and gave my Hanklerfish a second eye) and I don’t remember that either.  I did come back later to have The Katherine sign my poster, and I remember that, so at least I’ve got a couple of things in my brain from the experience.

But basically everything was amazing and it was a wonderful trip.  DFTBA!


Here are some updates on where Hank and I are going on tour and how to get tickets.


Wellesley Books at Dana Hall School’s Bardwell Auditorium
37 Cameron Street
Wellesley, MA 02482
Tickets at:

This is wrong!  Or at least, it was wrong a few minutes ago.  I just called the NYC event box office and bought the fourth-to-last ticket.  There are still three left!  But you have to call, you can’t buy them online.  I hope some NY nerdfighters see this!